Exotic Fruit Club bring larger, delicately shaped mangoes with skin that ripens to a golden yellow and flavorful natural delicacies of Ataulfo Mangoes. Sometimes they are referred to as champagne mangoes.

Ataulfo Mangoes flesh is velvety smooth, with almost no fibrous texture and a wafer-thin pit. Sometimes Ataulfo Mangoes also called Champagne, Honey, and Manila, Adaulfo or Adolfo mango.

They come from Mexican states of Michoacán, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco, Veracruz and Chiapas, and are sold between March and September.

Our Ataulfo Mangoes are larger and more flavorful than anything you can buy in locally or online stores. Our Ataulfo Mangoes are packed to order the day they ship and are most juicy and flavorful when they arrive to your door.

Every Ataulfo Mango is hand packed on the day we ship them.

Many of our competitors pre-pack their offerings sometimes weeks before the gift is actually shipped. Our quality and freshness are absolutely our first concerns.

We include only the best treat for you. Send the best premium mouth watering Ataulfo Mangoes as gifts.

Ataulfo Mangoes
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