Fresh Soursop 1 Fruit 1 to 2 Pounds Each

Fresh Soursop  1 Fruit 1 to 2 Pounds Each
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Soursop is the fruit of Annona muricata, The exact soursop origin is unknown; it is native to the tropical regions of the Americas and is widely propagated. It is in the same genus, Annona, as cherimoya and is in the Annonaceae family.

Soursop is usually found in South America and often the basis for beverages, ice creams and other popular sweet foods. It's known to have a few other names, such as graviola, custard apple, paw paw, guyabano and guanabana in Spanish-speaking countries.

Health Benefits Of Soursop 1. Soursop Fights Cancer 2. Improves Eye Health 3. Helps Fight Inflammation 4. Helps Treat Infections 5. Soursop Aids Diabetes Treatment 6. Boosts Kidney And Liver Health 7. Improves Respiratory Health 8. Helps Relieve Stress 9. Enhances Gastrointestinal Health 10. Boosts The Immune System