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Exotic Fruit Club bring you the juiciest and flavorful natural delicacies of Cherimoyas fresh from California cherimoya tree. Cherimoya is a mouthwateringly delicious, sweet, creamy, subtropical fruit grown in California, combining the exotic flavors of pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, banana, mango and lemon into one luscious delight.

Cherimoya high in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps the body resist infection, as well as a good source of B vitamins, notably vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), which provides 20 percent of the daily recommended value. Cherimoya provides high potassium levels, which helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

Our Cherimoya are packed to order the day they ship and are most juicy and flavorful when they arrive to your door and always full of freshness and ready to eat. Send beautiful gift baskets as gifts as special delivery with a personal message and are the best. Every Cherimoya is hand packed on the day we ship them. Many of our competitors pre-pack their offerings sometimes weeks before the gift is actually shipped. Our quality and freshness are absolutely our first concerns.

We include only the best treat for you. Send the best premium mouth watering Cherimoyas as gifts. cherimoya is available November to April/May, and Chile cherimoya is available June/July to October/November. Cherimoya handpicked and delivered fresh in season. It makes the perfect gift for anyone! We take pre orders for Cherimoyas.

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